Dedicated Personal Injury Representation

Trustworthy Legal Assistance For Personal Injury

No matter what accident you might have suffered injuries from, you should get the best representation to make sure that you are provided with a fair settlement. Without the right representation, the insurance providers can make the most of your loss.

At Morrow Law Firm, we make sure that you don't have to settle for less than what you actually deserve. We have experienced attorneys who will help you in every step of the way. Give us a call at 701-772-8991 to schedule your FREE consultation today!

Legal Aid For All Kinds Of Personal Injuries

  • Automobile accidents
If you have been critically injured due to the carelessness of another driver, we are going to work effectively to get a negotiation to your advantage. It is advisable not to speak with the lawyer of the insurance company. 

The lawyers of the insurance company earn a profit by settling for a lower amount than what should ideally be paid by the insurance company. We have the experience of working with insurance companies and we understand the process.

  • Dog bites
These cases are often very serious as the individual can also experience shock along with the injury. Having a dog pounce at you can be a terrible as well as a traumatizing event. Some individuals might develop a phobia of dogs, and it could last for a long time. 

We send documents to the owner on your behalf and we also schedule with the court for negligence, injuries, lost wages, medical bills, and trauma. Without proper representation, the owner might only offer to pay the medical bills at the most.

  • Slip and fall
These injuries usually take place in stores and can be a huge inconvenience. Lots of injuries, like neck and back ones for example, do not surface for a couple of days. In case you have not registered a claim or gathered a witness, you might not be in a position to fight the case without assistance. 

It is advisable to fill in a report regarding exactly where the injuries were sustained and to talk to anybody who noticed the fall. After you have left the accident scene, you should call us immediately to start the case.

  • Medical malpractice
This is one of the toughest cases to prove because you are accusing somebody of sheer carelessness as well as disregard for your private interests. This kind of case needs a personal injury lawyer who is familiar with personal injury law since the legal professional will need to include all the parties such as the medical personnel and the health care facility in the petition.

Get Personalized Representation For Your Personal Injury

We understand how scary it can be to be in an automobile accident or to be attacked by an animal. Apart from sustaining severe injuries, the trauma involved can last for quite some time. 

While you might be approached by any insurance provider, it is not advisable to talk to anyone till you have spoken to a personal injury lawyer regarding your injuries. Call us today to schedule your FREE consultation!
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